The problem is in the air

Air Conditioner

Heating and cooling the air in U.S. commercial buildings costs around $36 billion annually, and even more with increased ventilation around COVID-19.

Air Conditioner

Large-scale ambient air CO2 capture projects cost tens of millions of dollars to build and use terajoules of energy each year, primarily from large fans moving air.

As we attempt to move towards a low-carbon future, we need to find ways to save energy, capture CO2, and promote healthy buildings.

The solution is out of the box (metaphorically)

The Carbon Capsule is a modular carbon capture device that retrofits into a commercial ventilation system.

capsule in room vocs_edited.jpg

At Carbon Reform we realized the sheer amount of CO2 that passes through commercial buildings each year (about 4 gigatons, to be specific). With proprietary CO2-scrubbing technology and additional filtration for VOCs, pathogens, and particulates, installing the Carbon Capsule allows commercial building owners to reduce supply air.

Benefits for customers include:

Open Plan Office

Energy savings of up to 40% per air handler.

Happy Office Workers

A healthy, low-CO2 and pathogen-free building.

Image by Kunal Shinde

Carbon credits generated onsite.


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